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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

I'm from Indiana too... maybe they will attempt to or take a deer with their handguns, but if they are doing that, they are poaching anyway... you'll never know about it because the chances of them trying to pull that over at a check station is next to nil.

I'm sure it will be enticing for them if that buck is just out of reach for a bow, but like I said... it isn't going to matter anyway, anyone who would take a deer with a pistol during archery season is likely to bend and break the rules in other ways.... poacher.

But as a side note, what the heck does ANY Hoosier need a pistol for in the woods? There is absolutely NOTHING in any part of Indiana that is going to threaten their lives in the woods, unless it's a person, and you can take them out with a well placed broadhead anyway. I can see this being a sensible rule in states with bear and mountain lion populations, but INDIANA??? We have NOTHING threatening here...
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