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Default RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting

Is there any tall weeds or background cover available?

Is this land you can dig on w/ out pissing someone off?

If so you can take a sharpshooter and dig a pit blind just big enough for your feet to fit in up to your knees. You sit on mother earth with your feet in the holes. This lowers your upper body to ground level without the use of a chair. Throw on some leafy wear and HUNT!
It helps if you are in front of or slightly inside of a bush tall enough to cover your profile.

Itried it once and had 2 does about walk over me[8D].

Given the need I'll do it again.

If none of that is remotely possible, wait for the wind to turn or dowse yourself in skunk spray if you can't stand to wait.

Good luck!

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