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Default RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting

Trying to hunt with the wind to your back will be hard to pull off since there are other items in you bag of goodies giving off odor.
Your breath, bow, release, arrows, pack, quiver, wristwatchetc.

You can spray it all down, soak it, clean it, dry it. But I don't ever think you can get it all 100% scent free.

Tinks 69 is not a cover scent. It's a doe in heat scent.

If you are looking for a cover scent I'd start with earth spray, then coon pee, then fox pee, then if all else fails plenty of hunters swear by skunk spray- I just can't stomach the smell no matter how well it works[:'(].

At least you are hunting & seeing bucks- anyway to set up DOWNwind of where you are seeing them?
If they are coming in like you say even crouched behind a tree or bush would be a good option as long as it was downwind.

Good luck!

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