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Default RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting

Well the only thing i would do if there coming there every day dont hunt it untill the wind is perfect. Being winded may make those deer very wary and not comin. Like they may just go around that spot . So i wouldnt hunt it untill its gonna be perfect. And i wouldnt use estrus scents yet.

like i have a great spot on bublic land that no one hunts. Its like a good size thicket with this like 40 by 60 yd wide opening in it. So im right in there bedding area! But i went there monday wind was good and i saw 4 doe that came about 25 yds away, then i hunted yesterday and the wind was perfect untill like 5 o clock, then it git unperfect. And i didnt see any deer. But now im not sure if ishould hunt there today or not since my scent was in there yesterday, but today the wind is perfect and supose to stay perfect for the whole night, and its gonna rain all night (after 10 or so) and all day tommrow so i think theyw ill be moving today.

But what im tryin to say is if you hunt it on the wrong wind you are taking a chance that the deer may not use that area for a while.
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