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Im not suprised im the only one answering to this thread lol. Most of these guys here are advertisment bought and own The Famous Omega! Most of them are the hard headed, I only buy products that say Made In America! I dont buy that made in spain junk ... Of course i know we'll be seeing the famous " I buy a tc bcuz the quality is better and they come with a transferable warranty" But hey you bought a rifle made in spain and so far it seems like you are enjoying it and thats what counts. Its a muzzleloader, Sure, the second muzzleloader i bought was a cheap cva $110 rifle but you know what? I dont have the nuts to spend $500-600 on a TC and take it out in the woods and scratch it up. CVA/ Traditions are great shooters and are cheap enough to replace if you were to really mess it up while hunting. Of course i take it easy with my rifles when im hunting, i dont throw them around and all that but the point is, If something happens to the rifle and it breaks from a fall and i know its my fault, I can replace it cheaply and not thave to takeout a loan for a new one. But anyways, Keep us up to date and enjoy the new rifle!
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