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This is my Stevens 200. I lightly roughened the surface and sprayed with krylon camo paint out of a rattlecan. Works great, looks classy. I opened the barrel channel a bit and got some groove lines off with these techniques:
Then I adjusted the trigger like THIS:
WARNING! BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERADJUST! Turn that little screw that has the long bar sitting in it. you'll see what i mean. when you turn it, the bar will rise then "click" back down into the screw. every time you back it out, the click will be lessened. back it off a couple of turns till the tension lightens. BE SURE TO STOP WHEN THE BAR "CLICKS" AND NOT INBETWEEN CLICKS. you don't want accidental misfires. there's a trigger creep spring as well, and that's key NO.2. be VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS. I'D SUGGEST LEAVING IT PRETTY MUCH ALONE!

Really only mess with Key NO.5, and keep some pressure on it.

Fire the gun with the beginning of your second pad on your trigger finger if this is a hunting rifle, not with your fingertip. it'll give you a constant squeeze and less strain in your shooting hand so you don't end up shifting the gun.

Again, I claim no responsibility for what you end up doing to your rifle and I hope you'll be safe about it. it's a relatively simple process, just make sure you do it right. BE SURE TO BUMP TEST IT PLENTY OF TIMES! and have fun shooting.
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