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Default PVC Pipe boxstand??

Hey guy/gals I have been doing some searching online about making a pvc pipe box stand but have found nothing. First of all let me explain why I started this in the first place. I have a great hunting spot but it is at the back side of an older cutover.. The only way to get to it is some pretty hard 4 wheeler riding, goin through skidder ruts, tree stumps brush etc. No way in the world you could drive a truck back there, but I want a box stand back there! I started to buy a tripod stand and cart it back there but I just want more room and protection from rain. So then I thought hummm why not build a prototype with PVC pipe, then tear it back apart and haul it back there piece by peice and put it back up!!! I made up a drawing and looked like it could work, I decided to use 3" sch 40 pipe for the frame/floor and 2" for braces. I am going to have a A shaped roof I will probably put a tarp over and a hinged plywood floor, so I can fold it in half while hauling it back there, then run some wood screw into the pipe o hold it in place. Then paint it and wrap tarp or burlap around the box part of it. As far as it blowing over, I have a nearby tree I was going to lash it too or I thought of maybe using guy wires like they do in texas. Am I crazy or do you think this is a good idea??? If it works is any body intersested in the plans and parts list? Ha all my friends say I am just gonna bust my a$$ trying to do this. ITs going to be 4'x5' box, about 6'6" to the top of roof and about 11/12' to the bottom floor.
Whats your 2 cents??
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