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Man Doc them Pl's??? what the???? aint nooooo such thing!! Just pickin!! There have been couple at the last couple sem's Maurice has done. You ever hear of a dog named FC-AFC-GMHR HEUY, MH?? You hear anything ever about this one?? when I first looked into the breeding on, didnt pay attention to the fine lines in the posts, always liked the sire and new it would be a good one, but his pups here are acting like them ol pointers, they will staunch up on my pigeons out feeding. What a way to ruin a perfectly good dog. , gonna have to get an antenna transplant to get his tail up. Got two pups, seem to be very nice candidates, came out of red bluff cal. the dam is a chavez bitch. why dont you go to that sem, and display the man?? Be a good flight, I 'll go to the airport and pick ya up. Cya and just picking at ya! Later Jonesy
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