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Default RE: Cuddeback vs. Moultrie (I own Both)

I guess at this point I will honestly say our cameras seems quite different and for one--that's troubling.
Iown both the Game Spy Moultrie 200 and the Cuddeback C.3000---and also a few other brands,---which I would not comment on now.
BUT---I can without a doubt speak for my cameras and say between the two mentioned here, the Moultrie 6V is a better unit for battery life. I have taken over 200 pictures in a week and a half and my Moultrie battery reads 99%. I can take up to 500 pictures and the battery still remains charged. (Star rechargable 6V). The averagepictures taken by the Moultrie doesn't look as good as the pictures taken by the Cuddeback C.3000--but for the PRICE the Moultrie 200 is a good deal.
The cuddeback on the other hand takes good picturtes---however I seem to have a problem with the camera triggering pictures and on more than one occasionmy Cuddeback never triggered a picture while having an image standing directly in front of the camera(within range) and YES the height of the camera, from the ground, IS good!!!
MY CuddebackBattery life varies---sometimes I can get 3-4 weeks on a set of batteries--then other times, the battery life drops to level 3 in only two weeks--taking only 18-19 pictures. (in the summer).
As for the power of the flash--on both cameras, it lives up to my expectations.
Being honest I am a bit disappointed in the performance of my C.3000.
Other guysare obviously having much BETTER results with theirsand this obviously clearly shows that they are inconsistencies with these units.

As for the newer CuddebackNOFLASH---for me--this unit is a total disappointment--along with the NEWER--no-leak Bushnell 11-9930.
The Bushnell is horrible--the night picturesusing the flash, is just terrible. I can go on--but I'll end here for now and see what others have to say about their units.
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