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Default RE: Does my DL look too long?

Thanks for all the replys, gentlemen! I appreciate it. I was at the shop tonight, and unfortunately the heat kept everybody home so we were dead slow. But I took the opportunity to work on things. First, I put on a shorter loop. That helped quite a bit. Then I worked hard on dropping my front shoulder down. Suddenly everything seemed way out in front of me. I haven't shot a photo of it yet to see what it looks like, but the combination of those 2 has certainly brought my anchor forward.

Rob, there's no need to be jealous. I'm sure your midriff is equally as sexy as mine! The bow shoots great! I get very tight groups and I don't ever hit my arm. I'm not about to put a heavy coat on today, it's 105 for cryin out loud!!!

Paul, I know it's difficult to tell in the photo, but my bow hand is actually very relaxed.
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