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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: Does my DL look too long?

It looks long to me. Other wise not bad. Your form looks pretty good other than the draw length. At least your leaning back and tipping your head into the string. Like the others said, your draw hand just looks like it's too far back. Heck a shorter release might solve the problem. Or tighten that one up so it doesn't slide half way down your hand. Try a hand held release once and see where your hand ends up, I bet it will be about right. And that is what you should try for with your wrist release.

Your grip doesn't look relaxed at all either, but it's hard to tell from a picture. Your release hand is nice and relaxed which is good. While it isn't perfect, I don't doubt for minute you couldn't shoot well that way. That is about the way I was set up when I first started and I shot pretty well once I got used to my bow. As long as you do everything consistantly every time it really doesn't matter.

My biggest concern is you have a bow at full draw with an arrow nocked and your finger on the trigger inside your house. I really hope there is some sort of target or backstop in front of you.

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