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Default RE: Biologic Hot spot

I senta fewquestions to BioLogic about it how to clear theground prior to growing andif it should be protected from deer and be allowed to flourish before you let the deer have at it. Todd, a very helpful guy, had this to say in our conversation:

If there's still grass in your plot you skipped one of the most
important steps, which is eliminating the competition with Round-Up or some
other type of contact herbicide. If the grass is already dead, then it's
fine to broadcast Hot Spot. You need to make sure that the seeds make
good contact with the soil. Broadcasting onto a bunch of matted down
leaves of hard compacted sod will get you nowhere. The seeds need to be
able to take root.

Germinate = To begin to grow -sprout.

It depends upon if the deer are going to destroy your plot, or not, as
to whether you should protect it with P2 Plot Protector. It depends
upon average deer per square mile, the quality of your native vegetation,
if there are any agricultural crops growing and other details as to
whether you will need to protect the plot or not.

One way to tell is to put out a utilization cage. (A sturdy 3 foot
round of wire) Stake it down good so the deer can't push it over. Then you
can see the potential of your plants on the inside of the cage and what
the deer are consuming on the outside of the cage. If the outside of
your cage is all dirt, deer tracks and droppings, you need to kill some
mouths (does), devote more acreage to food plots, or protect the plots
with P2 Plot Protector.

In Wisconsin I would not plant Hot Spot yet. I would suggest waiting
until mid- to late August. The plants in Hot Spot are most palatable
right away after they germinate and then for about the first month to six
weeks of growth. The Austrian winter pea will stay palatable for longer,
but timing is everything when planting in late summer or fall.

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