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Default RE: Does my DL look too long?

there are 2 places to get the dl correct - 1 is up front and the other is in back.the first you can't control with a loop - it has to do with how far your bow pulls. if its not too short of an ata bow and you're nottoo tall- the string should touch the tip of your nose when you get to full draw position. a loop no matter how long or short will not and can not change this. you should not place your nose on the string - it should place itself on your nose with your head up right. in some situations, like me shooting a 33" ata bowwith a severe string angle - i can never get my nose on the string without being severely over drawn or really bending my neck - which i refuse to do. now a fellow who is 5' 6" won't have an issue with it. that's one of the reasons i shoot a no-peep on my hunting bow.
anyway the 2nd place is your release forearm. it should be in a straight plane with the arrow - or a little short of straight for hunting - but not more than straight. both of these offer a limited range of independent manipulation to get just right thru dl and loop manipulation.
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