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Dnk: I got it from a well respected guy on another forum, let's call him Jeffrey Dahmer, cause he got me for an arm and a leg lol. He told me that Excal had told him they would have spare parts for his lifetime. They only made them 2001-2004 according to my Excal toting pal Htoler, and I figure if I don't care for it, there will always be some market. It's supposed to be getting 330 fps w/ my 431 gr arrows, about the same as my tamed down Emax. That's a scary thought! Jay has some experience w/ them and soothed my nerves w/ "Don't let the cocked limbs scare ya" lol, some pal, huh? It's got a Mark Heneger thumbhole stock and some weird looking vibration dampener, comes back off of the front toward the forearm. It' coming from your neck of the woods, I'll post a picture if and when I get it.
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