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frontier gander
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I used the saber tooth bullets last year when i went hunting for mule deer. Got the rifle sighted in for 150-200 yards. I was hunting on Rabbit ears peak, close to steamboat springs colorado. Buffalo park to be exact. My brother and i are waiting in the truck for the sun to come up so we can start walking up the trail. So we're walking and i spot a doe 20 minutes into the hunt. I drop flat, Cap the gun, Aim and squeeze the trigger... BOOOOOM!. The doe looks around and trots off and im like wait.... the gun didnt kick! Sure enuff, those cute little cups the bullet sits in, they have nothing to hold the bullet to like the powerbelts. Yup the bullet fell out while i was walking up the trail. I'll never use them again and i advise non of you to use them either. Good thing i had 4 powerbelts in my bag bcuz i used them 3 days later and filled my tag.
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