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Default RE: Hunters Against the World Hunting Association

If we just shut up and hope it goes away, that's exactly what Farbman and his cronies are waiting for. Once we stop writing the sponsors, stop crying out in one voice, and stop opposing them, they will sell the sponsors that we've "gotten used to it" and "accepted that they're here to stay"...

We can't let this go. The moment we back down, is the moment that they win. As long as we stand united against them publicly, and loudly, the anti's can have no excuse to lump us in with the Farbman goons.

My reasons... It's not hunting... so why should I as a hunter be ok with this bunch of greedy real-estate developer types whoring out our beloved pastime for money.(Has this Farbman joker ever, and I mean EVER, donated time or money to anytype of conservation effort? NRA? SCI? NWTF? I googled him and the only things he turned up on were Real estate deals... highly publicized, big money deals)

Not to mention my concernson the Drugging of captive, privately owned high-fencedanimals. Tranquilization is a technique to use when no other means of apprehension can be used to capture an animal for medicinal or safety reasons. By no means should it be turned into a sport!

I feel a soap box tirade coming on, so I getter get back to work....

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