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OEH if your Sako has Stoeger on the barrel then it is pre-Beretta (pre 03-04 I believe). When Beretta bought Stoeger and Sako (Stoeger was the U.S. importer for Sako) they (Beretta) began putting their names on the Sakos immediately I believe. I know my TRG-S Warbird is a 99 and it was imported by Stoeger, but all the Sakos I've seen in the rack at work have been Beretta imports. Sako is also listed in the Beretta salesbook, they (Beretta) consider it "their" rifle line (along with Tikka). But the Stoeger guns (mostly low/mid grade shotguns) are listed in the Benelli sales book along with Franchi and A. Uberti.

The only guns I think that were part of the bad batch of stainless steel a couple years ago were Finnlights and SS Tikkas (wouldn't swear too it, it's been a couple years ago). I wouldn't hesitate to own ANY Sako rifle today. IMHO as an "over the counter" line of rifles they single handidly are better than ANYTHING from the U.S. (Rem, Wby, Brown/Win, Kimber, Ruger etc...) There actions are only second too the Sauer 202 in smoothness. Sako also guarantees a 5 shot MOA @ 100yd rifle with their Tikka's carrying a 3 shot MOA @ 100yd guarantee.

I LOVE the FinnLights myself, if I hadn't grown tired of SS and synthetic rifles lately I would have one in a heartbeat. Now instead of the FinnLight, Greywolf or 75 Syn I am more inclined too the 75 Deluxe...

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