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I ordered a 31" Hoyt Trykon XL last week from my pro shop and was told about 3 weeks for dlv. Well, my dealer called me up thursday and said it was here already! Talk about quick delivery! Well, we set it up and at 63lbs. shooting a 327 grain arrow I got 290 fps. Not bad! I was getting 292 out of my old Cybertech at 30". This bow is 36 1/2" ata which is 1 " longer than my Cybertech, yet it lloks alot longer - probably due to the fact that the riser is so muych longer and the limbs (parallel) are so much shorter. Overall I am very happy with this bow. I shot very good groups at 20 yards and the bow feels nice in my hands. It is a little heavier than my old bow, but it feels better to me. I did shoot a Matthews Switchback XT and liked it - VERY SMOOTH, but it just didn't feel as good in my hands and didn't seem as fast. Also I would hae been limited to a 30" draw and I do not like to use string loops.
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