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Default "PAKMULE" feeder filling system

[align=center]With the new pakmule blower system you can now fill your deer feeder without climbing a ladder. Using a 175mph leaf blower (included) it will blow that corn into the feeder at 50lbs per minute.This unit weighs only 18lbs and is totally portable. One person can go out with a truck load of corn, milo or protein and fill several feeders in total safety. Using 3" PVC pipe and fittings it assembles at the feeder site in 2 minutes. Have a tall feeder? This unit willshoot that corn 20' high.Have cattle fence around your feeder? No problem. With extra pipe you can fill from 30 feet away without having to carry that corn or protein to the feeder.Our patented venturi air system is problem free. It will not stop up or cause trouble. The weedeater leaf blower can easily be removed and used around camp or home. ThePakmule feeder filler is constructed with a durable 10 gallon plastic bucket and 20ga galvanized steel tubing. It's virtually indestructable and will serve faithfully for many years.Electric models are now available.[/align]See all our products at

Right now is the time to be feeding your Deer the Bucks are comming out of rut and shedding there antlers and theDoe's well giving birth this spring they need all the protean they can get and if you dont have room for food plots this is the best way to get protean to them.

Price start at $239,00 less blower
compleat kit $339.00

"Dealers Wanted"

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