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MY BABYGIRL IS ABOUT A YEAR OLD VISZLA. i HONESTLY dont know much on the exact type of hunting they are made for, but i do know that when i take her in the park (a large football field) she loves to run and chase things. It is almost like we are hunting when i take her on a trail behind my house. She will walk alittle, stop, bring up her paw and, standing on three legs, begin to sniff the air and intensly look around. She will stay there until i say "ok sadie gurl" , then she will continue her walk and every time i say, "sadie" in a soft-like voice, she will stop, and do the same routine until i tell her otherwise. Is this characteristic of a hunting dog? or just a coincidence.She knows how to sit, stay, real well, i have to work on the WHOA part. I can tell her to sit and stay, then walk, or run, away with my index finger in the air and she wont budge at all. I really appreciate your help, thanks buddy
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