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It is hard to say where to start because we don't know where she is in training. What I mean is she obedience trained, come heel, sit stay that kind of stuff. If not you need to get hot or you will have a nice house dog. How does she react around birds? When i started my English pointer I use to keep a pen with 6 live quail in there so the smell was always there for her. I also used a long cane pole with a string on the end with a wing and would flip it back and forth. Once she is about to grab the wing you flip it back after a while she will get tired of chasing it and will slow down and start a creep on the wing. Once she does the creeping that is when I started with the whoa command to let her know I want her to stop where she is. It takes some time but a 1 year old dog is not out of range of help. You just have to remember to be consistent with the commands give praise when needed and scold the dog when needed. Never let your dog see you swat her if you do I try not to but it is hard sometimes. To make corrections you can use a rope and tie a knot in it where it will rest under her chin when she does not do what you want just give a quick flip and the knot will pop her and she won't think it is you. Once a dog gets nervous or scared around the owner that dog will not hunt like it ought to. Spend as much time training and control the training don't let the dog do anything you do not want her to. If working retrieving and she does not drop the wing or bird when told to work it out of her by making it fun for her to release it. If you just snatch it away she will start to think I can't have it and will tend to drop your birds short instead of bringing them to you. If you can't remember all of this just remember, Patience ( remain patient while your dog is learning she won't be a hero overnight), Consistency(remain consistent with all commands and posturing of the dog), and Control (always control the dog and the training scenario in which she is participating in).
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