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Default i have a vizula, trying to train...need help please

i am actually new to this post but to make a long story short, i have a Vizula puppy about, probably almost a year old. I have heard that these dogs are natural hunting/retrieval dogs. Everytime i mention the type of dog i have, people tell me they are great for hunting. She is a beautiful puppywho loves the outdoors already - so i think that hunting is perfect for her.My prime interest is hunting deer and turkey, but i have hunting waterfowl and hope to hunt upland birds. Basically, how do i start to train my dog to hunt with me in the field? Is it too late b/c of her age? do i need to actually take her to a trainer now? Cani do it totally myself? or can i start teaching her the basics until i get a trainer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot. Brent G
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