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Default RE: Arctic shield supplies for near nothing!!

I don't see a problem with this type of post. The web links posted take you to Ebay where he has a few goods listed (I even visitedhis Ebay webpages). I bought a gun through the classifieds in this forum and I must admit I was quite apprehensive and uneasy about it because I knew absolutely nothing about the seller and here I was sending him a check for over $700. The transaction turned out very well and I was relieved, however, the point here is that Ebay offers a tiny bit more confidence about an individual. Ebay posts feedback. This guy has 100% positive feedback. This would make me much more comfortable doing an online bidding transaction with him. He also accepts Paypal. To some, this is an advantage and offers more security. I did not view this particular post like a commercial advertisement for an Ebay store where a seller may have hundreds if not thousands of items for auction. He just has a few items to sell and the link takes you to nice pictures, a good deal of information about the items, and a method of communicating with him. It is really no different than what I have seen in the Archery Classified here in the forum where a few have for sale bows listed on Ebay and encourage everyone who may be interested to visit the website and bid on the item. That's my 2 cents worth for what it's worth. Sorry for the dissertation...haha.
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