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Sounds like you guys are doing what has to be done, to protect us hunters. I got an update from the United Sportsmen's Alliance (formerly FWLA) about an article that was in a New York paper calling the "Sniper" a "hunter." It sounds like it was the same article. As an oudoor writer I had to say something. The guy is a murder, not a hunter. I told them as a Christian I felt sorrow and prayed for the vicitms families, and all those who are afraid to go outside. As an American I'm disgusted about this murderer, and hope they catch him before he murders more people. I also pray that he realizes he is hurting people, and stops what he is doing. But, if the guy is a psychopath there is probably little chance of that. There is obviously something morally/psychologically wrong with someone who commits mass/serial murders. He needs help, and he needs to get stopped.

Keep up the good work guys. As hunters, we need all the positive Presse Relations we can get.

Commit a random act of kindness today, and blame it on God.

"Jesus is Lord"

God bless America, those affected by the sniper, and you and all of your loved ones,

T.R. Michels
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T.R. Michels
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