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whistlepig, I tried to e-mail, but the A.P. link doesn't work. Does anyone have an e-mail addy? Below is a copy of my e-mail. I will gladly grant anyone who wants to, my permission to copy and send it.

To Whom It May Concern,
It has been brought to my attention that Deborah Hastings termed the murderous sniper in, and around, the Washington DC area a "hunter". "On Tuesday, FBI analyst Linda Franklin was identified as the hunter's newest victim". This is a quote from her article. I strongly object to her gross misuse of the word hunter, in this context. This killer is not a hunter. This killer is a cold, calculating murderer, not a hunter. The President of the United States is a hunter, for God sakes. Does that make him, or any hunter, a murderer? Should Ms. Hastings be trying to further some hidden agenda, she is a sorry excuse for a journalist. To attempt such is unthinkable, given the vehicle she is using. Please instruct Ms. Hastings to refrain from using the word hunter, when referring to the sniper. Why not refer to this killer as he/she really is, a cold hearted, murdering piece of s**t that deserves to die horribly. I am sure I am not the only law abiding hunter to feel this strongly, nor do I expect I am the only one to tell you so. Your's upset and fuming, fill in your name.

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