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Default RE: I'm I Doing The Right Thing?

Thanks guys for the advice. Soil testing was done, PH level is at 6.5. Decided not to Plant the BioMaxx since its $90.00 a Bag for one acre. Most of my neighbors are farmers and they already plant corn anyway, so decided from all the posts i read to give the deer a little varitey.

Going with 4 acres of Biologic Premium Perennial, 2 acres of Imperial Power Plant, 1 acre Plotspike Chufa and already have an 3/4 acre of Imperial Clover that was planted in the fall but didn't take well due to a drought. Plant on picking upone 2.5 lb. bag of Biologic Maximum to mix with that plot by frost seeding in April.

Looks as if I'll also be planting 87 hard & soft mast trees in the spring.

Seems I have my work cut out for me this year, hell, hope the wife never finds out how much all this stuff is really costing! LOL
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