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Hey everyone. Went to South Dakota for Thanksgiving.Relatives theresaw a 4x3 buck laying dead on the road just outside their driveway. They drug itbehind the barn and let the dogs and cats have their ownThanksgiving feast. Different world out there.My wife would kill me if I drug something like that into the yard for the dog to eat. Still, pretty country and I like the country lifestyle out there. They rifle hunt and usually end up with 3 or 4 nice sized deer for the freezer. No concern over horns, they just want a lot of meat. Plenty of deer to make that happen and sometimes there is a later season for people who couldn't fill their tags depending on the harvest numbers.

While bowhunting, I've been watching a bedded doe and fawns the past few weeks on our property from my stand(no accompanying bucks)and visiting the local WMAs without much luck. Going to do some more serious scouting next year now that I'm into this! Lots of farms around and lots of farmers that my father-in-law, who works at the local farm implement dealer knows.

Good luck everyone!
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