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Default Decoy Trailer w/ custom camo- Minnesota/IA/SD/WI

I'm parting with something that means a great deal to me, because I put more hours into it than I care to mention. It is a 4x8 basic utility trailer (that I have used), with a plywood shell...all of the plywood has been treated w/ Thomson’s Water Seal, and then the camo pattern was applied. The floor is ¾”, shell ½”.

The camo pattern took me a few months to do, after doing the base; I would have to wait for the stencil to dry before doing another section. I did however freehanded the large tree limbs, shadowing, etc. The pattern itself is a combo of several different patterns that I like, some ‘shadowgrass’, some ‘advantage wetlands’, etc.I painted a base coat, and then used very large stencils to put on the patter in 'layers'...not to beat my own drum, but as good as it looks in the pics, it looks even better in person. I pulled it to a buddies several hours away to do some of the welding, and I kid you not that I was asked about it every single place I stopped, and turned the heads of many 'camo coat guy's when going through towns.

The pics will better show what I've done. There is a piece of plywood (& 1”x3" about 10" off the ceiling, where you simply slide your blind right on in. Built off of that is a small slide-lock compartment for silo's. On the other side is a 'box' built down/off of the blind board, which can hold additional decoys or your hunting 'junk'. Below that is a very large tub that slides out, for heads. The bodies/shells are next to it and can be stacked very high, secured by eyebolts and a bungee/strap/etc. The front area that is blocked off with the (removable) barrier is for all of your full bodies. I have all of my full bodies in very large laundry bags I picked up at Wal-Mart for a few bucks apiece. I can’t take credit for the idea although it is a very good one, which protects your investment. Access is from a lock-able side-door or removing barrier. Metal framed rear door w/ dual lock door. The entire box has been caulked...maybe even a little overboard, but I wanted to be sure it stayed dry.

It has Goodyear’s I purchased last year, and have taken only on one 4 hour round trip. The trailer frame itself has been sanded down and painted w/ rust proof paint. New lights/wiring. The back door has rubber (door sweep rubber, 2”) all the way around which seals the door. The side door is done as well.

$800-Email me with any additional questions/pic requests/concerns: [email protected]

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