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just for the record non of theBIG 3make their 3/4 and 1 ton diesel motors. obviously dodge has the cummins. but ford powerstroke is actually manufactured by International. and the duramax is made by Isuzu. which produces more diesel engines per year than ANY other diesel manufacturer. as for my opinion on the matter. i have ridden in all three of these trucks. they all have have weaknesses and strengths. IMO i like the chevy the most. my grandpa has one that i have used to pull my jeep to to many places. it is an 05. it is alot quicker that the other guys' trucks and it usually averages about 2-3 mpg better than their trucks. two of the guys with the dodges have fried an auto already. one of them went out and bought a $4000 transmission for his. he is having lift pump problems as well. now he wants a duramax so bad he can taste it. as far as fords go, i hate their interiors. they just seem so cheap to me. also chevy is the onle only one to offer ifs up front for a much improved ride over the straigh-axled dodges and fords. so in my opinion, the chevrolet 2500 with the duramax-allison package is the best truck on the road right now.
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