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Default Tree Stand Archery Gobbler (PIC)

Like I've said before, this is the first year in 20 that I've ever tried deer hunting from a tree stand.Got in thestand at 6am but didn't see any deer this morning. I was just getting ready to get down when, at 11:30I saw a red head, then another, then another. 6 of these jokers came out so I decided to take one off the buffet! Shot him at 32 yrds and he went about 3 steps. I guess if I can hit one of these from a treeI should be able to hit a deer. This is my 3rd one this year with this bow and my second with the Innerloc EXP. Both performed flawlessly. I have 3 Slick Tricks in my quiver, but put in 2 of the EXP's for coyotes and gobblers. Glad I got to use one.
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