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so you think if i keep my stand where im seeing does and just wait, ill see a buck when the rut kicks in? should i put any kind of scents of my boots while i walk to the stand. what about tinks 69?

i should have checked the scope. but imust have bumped it while it was in the truck. but yeah i was sittin up there a a 10pt came walkin about 20yds from me and as soon as i got a shot i shot one time and he ran about 10ft and stopped, then i shot again, and he started walkin away and i shot again and again. then he ran. i just knew i got him. i stayed out of school the next day looking for him all day in the rain i was so excited. after finding no sign of him or blood the night before i gave up and went and shot the riffle and it wouldn't even hit a sheet of plywood at 150yds. it made me sick. but ive already learned from a bunch of mistakes.

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