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Default RE: Pre-Rut Rattling

Liked DD mentions if you have success rattling closer to the rut phases(meaning doeto buck ratio or competition is there to breed) then pre-rut rattling can be productive. I rattle during the same period which also happens to be our ML season here in Sask. I prefer or have found the peak movement times of early am or evening are the best at this time of the year to rattle. I also rattle in transition areas that offer safety for the deer to come look and also give me some shooting lanes and cover. My rattling this time of year is very different than closer to the rut, it is basically sparring sequences vs an all out battle. I keep my intensity way down and call very little. If I do call it will be a low keyed contact grunts outside of the rattling sequences.

Only way is to try and see what happens. Best of luck!
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