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Default RE: 2nd part to what should i do about my killed deer

i would either make sure you can get it takin care of sunday when i was in highschool i would miss about every either friday or monday or both and i would play i was sick or sleep in but it came to where i would be telling of how i caught that big cat or how fun it was jetsking while everyone was doing book work it got to a point where insted of saying i was sick i would just say i decieded to go fish or hunting or boating it seemed the teachs understode more when i was honest so inless you can kill a deer and miss school and not talk about it i would not recommend playing hooky beside we all know school or workis more important then that one day of hunting or fish we just don't like to let are selfs know it by skiping classes you are putting yourself in a postion of not passing which might mean in 10 years on that saterday or sunday you might be working making 7 bucks an hour and wish you could hunt atless once
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