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Default RE: Wal-Mart minus the sporting goods.

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We have 2 gun shops--one closes this fall, and the other will likely follow suite within a year--both victems to an extent, of the growing anti-hunting/anti gun movement in the urban centers.
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More than likely closed due to the Walmart moving in. They cannot compete with the Wally! Wally World would most likely feel the same pressures from anti's as would those small gunshops...Why do you think that Wally doesn't sell handguns?

When our Wally opened, there were many small businesses that closed immediately. Couldn't compete with the giant..

Don't hold your breath waiting for that expanded selection. Wally's there to serve the masses, they buy what's best for Wally, not you...Not bashing them, I do a lot of my shopping there..

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