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Don't say I never did nothing for ya Vic.

Summit Attendees:

Sincere thanks to everyone for their attendance and valued participation in the first-ever National Bowhunting Summit held in Springfield, Missouri on April 17 and 18. Based on the interaction of everyone at the event and your comments on the critique form, it seems to be accurate to say that the summit was immensely successful. There were 32 organizations represented from 27 states and 1 Canadian province.

Attached is the roster of attendees with contact information. With a major purpose of the summit being to establish a means for the state/provincial-level bowhunting organizations to network with each other on bowhunting issues, the summit roster will serve to enhance that initiative.

The following are the major follow-on action items resulting from the summit:

1. A press release on the National Bowhunting Summit will be released soon and will be sent to you when it is finalized and released.

2. This message and the press release will be sent to the state/provincial level bowhunting organizations that were not able to attend the summit in Springfield. It is apparent that we want to bring the remaining groups into the coalition so all of the state/provincial organizations have the opportunity to be involved and to be part of the overall communications link and networking system.

3. The proceedings of the summit will be compiled, written up and sent to you as soon as that project can be accomplished.

4. Per the groups' desire, a letter will be sent to the Archery Trade Assocation (ATA) in response to their crossbow position statement. It was felt by the summit attendees that it is vital that the ATA be advised that the state/provincial bowhunting organizations are unanimously opposed to crossbows being allowed in bowhunting only seasons. The letter will be signed in the form of listing the organizations that were represented at the summit.

5. It was apparent that due to the extremely high interest in the crossbow issue that the majority of the agenda items that were submitted by the state groups did not get addressed due to time contraints. These were all important items and they need to be given priority at the next gathering of the state/provincial organizations.

6. There was an extremely strong desire to convene another summit prior to this fall so additional coordination and an effective course of action could be identified with regard to effectively combating the incursion of crossbows into the bow seasons. The desire to address the other agenda items that were submitted by the states as noted in 5 above also need to be given priority. It was determined that the next gathering needed to be in advance of the next round of legislative and game agency meetings so the groups could be prepared as it pertains to crossbows.

7. Due to the high demand for a follow-on Bowhunting Summit in the relatively near future, that event is planned to be held on August 6&7 at the Pope and Young Club's headquarters in Chatfield, Minnesota.

8. There was concensus that additional good data is needed to be able to be more effective in preventing crossbows in the bow seasons. To assist in obtaining that data it was determined that the coalition should explore the possibility of Roy Marlow updating the crossbow data that he did several years ago, and likely also providing additional data. Roy advised that the coalition needs to decide what type of testing or data collection is desired and when that is known he will put a proposal together. It is anticipated that the proposal will be presented at the August meeting so the coalition as a whole can decide on the desired data collection approach, and also address the issue of funding for the project. It seems that an action item for everyone at this time is to submit what you believe would be valuable crossbow related data that should be obtained.

9. A sign-on letter/position statement will be prepared for the bowhunting organizations to have in helping to effectively address the crossbow issue in their own states. The high value of sign-on letters, which are commonly employed throughout the conservation/hunting community especially on the national level, is that when a particular state goes to their legislature, game agency, etc., they can have a letter/position that is not only signed by them but by a very large number of other organizations. This provides a significant amount of leverage and influence. For administrative purposes, sign on letters do not contain signatures per se but simply a listing of the organizations that support the letter/position. As it pertains to crossbows, this correspondence will need to be very carefully crafted. It will then be sent out to all of the state-level and provincial-level bowhunting organizations where they will have the opportunity to sign on, or not, as a supporting organization.

10. Due to common bowhunting concerns and issues within geographical regions, there was a desire to form a means whereby bowhunting organizations could communicate more efficiently with each other on a regional basis. Immediately following the adjourment of the summit, additional interaction was held on this subject and point persons for the regions were identified. Please feel free to advise the overall coalition of the names of the point persons, and any other information, or simply proceed as desired on a regional basis.

Thank you again for everyone's participation in the summit!

Best regards,
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