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sorry it took me so long to check in. i'm a college student and to be completely honest this was the last thing on my mind. but i'm glad yall reminded me because now i have something to keep me from doing school work

here's a pic of the gobbler i shot here at the house last year.

22.6 pounds
10.5" beard
1.5" spurs
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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Hey guys. Sorry I kind of forgot I had signed up for this.

Louddrummer we were on the deer contest together in 2007 I think.

Well I have been in the Deer bow contest every year since 2004. I do like to come around and I will be on here. I got on the turkey contest once back in 2005 I think but that was it. I hunt in southwestern WI on private family land. I drew week 3 so I have April 29th to May 3rd. I may be trying to purchase an extra tag for one of the later seasons but I will have to see how it goes. I am a hard core archery guy but I have no problem with gun hunting either. I still go out gun deer hunting with my Dad every fall. Don't think I am one of those archers that condem gun hunting. I'll write up some more on here in a bit.
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Well I have a minute here at work so I thought I would tell you about some of my 2008 turkey hunting. It was the first season I went out with bow only and I had a nice big Tom come in and stop at 46 yards. I could not get him closer and I told myself before the season I was only good to 40 yards. Well that was it and I never got a spring turkey last year. With that going on I worked very hard over the summer to get better at longer ranges. I practiced at 60 and 80 yards pretty regular. I had my Katera XL shooting well and knew that at 50 I could hit a bird. My fall season went like this. Opening morning a doe came in at 38 yards (I have the leupold range finder for all the yardage). I smoked it no problem. As the season went on I was in our cabin talking to my son in the Navy and some turkeys came walking up the gravel driveway. The closest bird (we can shoot hens) was 51 yards. With encouragement from Matt (son) I lined up the 50 pin while actually standing in the cabin. Eased the release and destroyed that bird with the 1 3/4" Grim Reaper Razor Tip. It went about 5 yards. My only other shot last fall was a fox I got at 43 yards. I did not have the best of luck with critters coming in close last year so I was very glad I practiced for the little longer shots.

So this year I shot a bunch of bows and purchased the AMax 32 BlackOut pictured below. Bow is shooting great and I hope to be just as good with it as I am with my Katera XL. The AMax is my new turkey hunting bow which is why I wanted the all black. If I can't get all the pics on this post I will do a couple. Hope you all enjoy and I am really looking forward to spring.

First pic is the bow itself. Second one is my 5 spot at 20 yards. These were while I was still sighting it in and tuning it. The bow is set at 60.5 pounds, 29 inch draw shooting Victory vForce HV arrows at 316 grains at 307 fps.

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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Here are the turkey and fox from last year. It was a young turkey but in the fall our tags are for any turkey. Sure did taste good on the grill.

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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Nice Wihunter. Very nice. Hope you get some luck with one with a beard this Spring.
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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Whos our captain? Do we have a name?
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Sorry for my lack of absence as well guys. I am student teaching a full 40 hours a week, then going to work after school--pulling 20 hours a week, and trying to keep up with grading papers, writing plans, and applying for jobs. Not to mention I have a girl---I cant wait for hunting season!!!! Already planned it for school spring break.....I am so ready to start it. Will be out there every day starting in mid april. Hoping to get a second tag for later in the season.

Good luck, will keep in touch more closer to season, but am still looking in!

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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Guys all our team members have checked in except one Chris H.
[/align]Do we want to go ahead and pick a captain or wait for Chris H?
[/align]Maybe we can get the ball rolling by having all team members interested in being our captain post telling us you would like to do it and have the time to be our captain and check in often to get our scores etc. It would be an impossible task for me this year.

At the same time why dont we vote on a name and when Chris H checks in he can vote to.

My pick for Team Name is Shell Shocked
[/align]At least we can get started.
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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

I need the Captain to contact me
Do yo have a Team Name?

I see Chris H has not checked in - I sent an e-mail to him as he has been active.

let's see what happens

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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Sorry for checkin in so late guys. I'm here
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