Turkey Habitat – Eastern


eastern.jpgEastern turkeys live in diverse habitats, from Northeastern forests to Southern swamps to Midwestern farmlands. Mixed oak-pine forests interspersed with fields, creeks and rivers provide prime habitats for growing flocks of the birds. Since Eastern’s live mainly in woodlands, their home ranges are relatively small, with many flocks roaming only several thousand acres.

Where it’s mountainous or hilly, Eastern turkeys roost high in trees on points, flats or knolls just below ridge tops. In flatlands the birds are likely to roost anywhere, but they often prefer straight hardwood trees that grow on small rises or hummocks. When the weather turns cold, windy, rainy or snowy, flocks or individual birds seek warmth and shelter in evergreen trees.

In the spring, gobblers strut in open terrains where hens feed and nest-pastures, food plots, new burns and clear-cuts and the like. Woodland areas with thin understory—oak flats, creek bottoms, logging roads, power-line cuts, etc.—are also good strut zones where toms meet up with hens.


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