Turkey Anatomy – Size


Wild turkey toms weigh mere ounces at birth. But the birds grow rapidly. By the time they’re 10 months old, jakes weigh 14 or 15 pounds. As adults, gobblers typically tip the scales between 17 and 22 pounds and stand 36 to 40 inches tall.

Several research studies have found that Gould’s and Rio Grande’s are the heaviest of the four races of toms. But turkey size varies greatly from region to region. A mature Eastern tom in south Mississippi may weigh 16 pounds, while a gobbler in Iowa might come in at a whopping 26 pounds. As a rule the Osceola tom is the smallest and most streamlined gobbler in America.

In all the subspecies hens are noticeably smaller than toms, tipping the scales at 8 to 11 pounds and standing about 30 inches tall.


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