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Fishing with a bow and arrow has been around since the days of the American Indian. Of course, bowfishing has undergone major changes since those times. Better equipment and an explosion of invasive, exotic fish species for targets have led to a sport with a high rate of growth. I easily remember times that most folks were bewildered to see us shooting at fish out of our boat with the funny platform. Nowadays, it is as though a bowfishing boat is a normal, accepted part of the outdoors world.

In this age of technology and reality television, it only seems natural that eventually bowfishing would make its way onto our sets. Bowfishing video has progressed along nicely and I am proud to say I am part of some exciting bowfishing video myself. I have found that most outdoorsmen can’t help but watch good quality video of big fish taken by bowfishing, even if they have never done it themselves. Recently, Campbell Outdoors decided it was time to show the outdoors community what a bowfishing tournament is all about. Their “Bowfishing Challenge” took place on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes and their downstream rivers this past June. When I heard about this event, I knew it needed to be the first tournament I had shot in several years!

The Challenge would be over the course of 3 nights and participant’s video of their fish would be as important as the size of the fish themselves. A scoring system was set up to award points for 3 carp species per night based on weight and certain aspects of the video taken by the participants.

Day 1 – Arrival

Our team name for this shoot was Team Aim Low Productions, and would consist of myself, partner Keith Riehn, and cameraman Larry Prevallet. As we arrived at the tournament headquarters, we were all feeling a bit nervous. As we signed in though, things began to feel more comfortable. We did our initial introductions on film with the Campbell’s crew and that included introducing ourselves and sponsors for the shoot (which included Huntingnet.com). Soon, we were shaking hands and talking with many new people, all of which proved to be very interesting. Many people were interested in talking to us about our bowfishing DVD’s and how we thought our filming experience would help us in this shoot. All of the people we met at this event were fantastic to be around. It was also evident that all of the teams signed up were going to be hard to beat!

Introductory Interviews
The author giving the initial team interview with the Campbell’s crew.

First Night

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