Shotgun Safety


With their relatively
short range, shotguns are ideal for hunting in areas where people live
close to deer woods. But since many hunters are concentrated in these
areas, especially during opening week of shotgun season, you must be
careful. One sure way to lessen the potential for a hunting accident is
to always wear “hunter orange”. Few hunters who are clad in this very
bright color will be mistaken for a deer. And remember, a deer’s
colorblind eyes see orange as only tan or yellow.

point your shotgun away from vehicles and people, even if you know it
is empty. Unload your gun after you get out of your vehicle, and unload
it before you get back in the truck at the end of the day. Most states
prohibit loaded shotguns in vehicles, and some states don’t allow
shells in the magazine when a gun is in the car.

a loaded shotgun safely in the woods. Check and double-check that its
safety is “on” as you hike around. Never jump a creek or climb over a
fence while cradling your shotgun. Many fatalities have occurred when a
hunter slipped while crossing a fence and his shotgun went off.


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