Shining Deer


shining1.jpgShining can be a very effective method to help the hunter learn his hunting area better and to pattern whitetails more efficiently. Shining consists of using bright lights at nighttime to spot locations and activities of deer herds. This is done at nighttime because this is when the deer feel safest, and thus the most active. Shining can also be used to find out which food sources the deer are using, helping you to strategically place your treestand.



shinning3.jpgTools used for shining consist of high powered, hand held lights- usually one million candlelights. These lights can be found in hunting/camping stores. Before shining for deer, check with the Department of Natural Resources or your local police station to make sure it is legal in your area. If it is legal, you will find out which times of the year shining is allowed. If you ever see someone using shining tools to illegally hunt deer, report them to the DNR.


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