Scouting – In Season


Scouting during the hunting season can prove extremely valuable.  Of course, scouting the whole year through provides a wealth of information, but during the secretive world of deer from September to January, anything learned at this time about the deer is special.  The great part of scouting deer is that the knowledge can be put to immediate use.  If a deer is found after many hard days of scouting, it can be shot at right then.

44.jpg Of course, there are some small drawbacks to scouting during the season.  It is important not to disturb the deer or they will hightail it out of the area and won’t come back for a long time.  In other seasons of the year, the deer won’t be under such heavy hunting pressure, and will not be as startled or intimidated if they notice humans.  To cut back on the chances of scaring the deer, scouting should be done in the middle of the day.  At this time, they are under heavy cover and will be less likely to see you, as opposed to early in the morning or late at night –  when they are active.  The rut is the best time for hunters.  Whether scouting or hunting, your chances are high for success because bucks are so focused on chasing does coming into estrus.  They are not as careful as usual to keep under thick cover during the day -they can be easily found any time of the day.  Their keen senses are not so much focused on evading hunters as finding and keeping does.  The craftiest hunters know where the does bed and feed, and will look for scrapes in these areas.

Scouting is the best way to find out all kinds of information on deer.  It teaches you where and how to hunt.  If done correctly, especially during the hunting season, it should net you many trophies.


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