Preparing For The Hunt – Part 1


hunting.prep.general1.jpgFor starters you need the proper equipment. A quality daypack is important. In it you pack your deer-hunting essentials: compass, maps, matches, knife, rope, first-aid kit, tree-stand safety belt, snack, water, etc.

Next is the proper clothing. Bowhunters should wear a camouflage pattern that blends with their environment. Tailor your clothes to the weather. Wool or fleece works great in cold weather, and cotton is the ticket when it is warm. You’ll need a Blaze Orange vest or coat during gun season.

Minimize your body odor to keep from spooking deer. Wash with a scent-free, bacteria-killing hunter’s soap. Then wear a Scent-Lok suit, or dress and spray your clothes with an odor-neutralizer (available from any scent company).

Prepare your body and mind. Exercise before deer season. When you hit the woods, relax and leave your worries behind. Enjoy yourself. You’ll hunt better and be ready when a buck walks by.


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