Preparing For The Hunt – Mental Preparation


hunting.prep.mental_prep2.jpgHunting, like most sports, requires mental preparation. Many novices get discouraged when they don’t get their bucks. But these nimrods fail to understand that thousands of skilled hunters scout, monitor deer herds and practice shooting year-round. And come fall, many of them also don’t shoot big bucks. So prepare your gear, scout, practice your shooting and hit the woods with the right frame of mind. Don’t expect to shoot a Pope & Young-class buck every season. Some years you’ll have to be content to fill the freezer with a small buck or a doe. But that is all right. It is the thrill of the chase and the days spent.

hunting.prep.mental_prep4.jpgIf scouting was only done a few weeks before hunting started, it would basically be a shot in the dark when deciding to put up the tree stand. But if the deers’ locations were known throughout the year, and you knew they always stayed in a certain area of the forest when hunting season commenced, that would then be the most logical place to put the stand, giving you high chances for seeing deer.

hunting.prep.mental_prep5.jpgPracticing your shot, as everyone says, makes perfect.  The important thing to remember is, if you want your buck every year, shoot year round.  Target practice with decoys and at shooting ranges will make all the difference.

Your overall health is another aspect of preparation to take into consideration – you need to be in proper physical shape to combat the strenuous activities involved and all weather conditions, from hot to below zero temperature.  Also, you cannot fully focus on hunting if you are sick, extremely tired or highly stressed.


To have a successful hunt every time, the right preparations need to be made and carried through.  Deer are extremely evasive and to harvest them requires the hunter to be extremely prepared, from health to scouting.  If you do this, you can easily become a skilled predator.


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