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Thank you for your interest in TEXAS LTD. hunting. We hunt the finest Big Buck region of Texas, Shackelford County. The Albany area is famous for all of it’s hunting. Year in and Year out, this area consistently produces top trophy animals. In addition, we take pride in having been in the hunting business a long time. Prime ranches, intense game management, and personal close attention to our hunters has been the key to our success and yours. We don’t do a lot of hunts, we just do them right. Hope you are able to join us..Trophy expectations are a realistic 130-140 B.C. All ranches contain 150 B.C. and larger bucks. Texas Ltd. only hunts ranches that are proven producers of 150 B.C. and bigger deer. This is our standard. Season Nov.-Dec.:2×1. 3 DAY or 5 DAY hunts.

Contact Information

Phone : 1-800-TEXS-LTD

Email : [email protected]

Website : http://www.texas-ltd.com/

Address : P.O. Box 815,

City : Albany

State : Texas

Zip Code : 76430


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