Shamrock Ranch – Trophy Tule Elk and Blacktail Deer Hunting


Prospective Tule elk and blacktail deer trophy hunters are encouraged to book early as a limited number of tags are available. All visitors to the ranch are asked to sign a general release of liability form upon arrival.

Bulls in excess of 300 points have been taken off the ranch in recent years. Currently four to six trophy bulls are harvested each season along with a similar number of cows. Typical hunts last three to five days although most tags can be filled on the first morning. Our guides are experienced hunters who have been residing on the ranch for many years and hence know the movement patterns of the herds.

Trophy hunts are best booked early in the year as a limited number of tags are available..Blacktail deer are abundant throughout the complex, rugged mountainous terrain of the ranch. It is not uncommon to see twenty to thirty bucks feeding along any of a multitude of mountainous trails at dusk. The grassy hillsides bounded by oaks and conifers and dotted with lush springs offer excellent feed and cover for these beautiful animals.

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