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Moose hunting, black bear hunting and whitetail deer hunting in Alberta, Canada. Whether you are interested in black bear hunts over bait, moose hunts along the spruce bogs, or trophy Alberta whitetail deer hunts, you will have an exciting and memorable time when you hunt with us.

If you’ve never seen a bull moose up close you don’t know what you’re missing! Our Alberta moose hunts are exciting and challenging, offering the moose hunter 3 options for choosing the perfect moose hunt. We offer archery moose hunts during the pre-rut, rifle hunts during the peak of the rut and rifle post rut hunts. No matter which moose hunt you choose, it’s sure to be an exciting adventure..If you are looking for a lot of black bear action, come bear hunting with us! We offer archery and rifle spring bear hunts over active baits. Both the rifle and archery hunter have an excellent opportunity at a close shot. It’s not unusual to see several bears over 6 feet, and some colored bears from blonde to cinnamon. Since we have a 2 bear limit you can double your chance at taking a real trophy black bear.

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