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Elk game farms have increase sharply in recent years for several questionable market uses. Elk horn harvested during the velvet growth stage is believed in some Asiatic cultures to be a powerful aphrodisiac, although no scientific evidence exists to support such a claim. Nevertheless, there is a brisk trade in these horns, and game farm owners tend to scoff at protesters who complain that elk game farms are breeding grounds for disease and mistreatment of animals.

Another even more controversial use of elk in game farms is a very small number of hunters who are willing to pay outrageous sums to shoot penned elk. All elk game farms are strictly controlled by state wildlife agencies. And in recent years many of these game farms have been shut down for violations ranging from animal mistreatment to elaborate schemes to live-trap wild elk and bring them into the game farm enclosure.

State laws prohibiting commercial use of elk are vague and violations are often difficult to prosecute. However, many states are saying “enough” to these rising game farm problems, and hopefully these enterprises will soon become a thing of the past.


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