Newton Shooting Victim’s Family Furious at Gun-Control Proponents


Proponents of gun control take notice: The Paradis and D’Avino family of Bethlehem, Connecticut, is not happy with you. Peter Paradis and Hannah D’Avino lost their stepdaughter and sister, respectively, in last year’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred in Newton, Connecticut. After several months of frustrating quiet, they recently shattered their silence to condemn gun-control proponents for using them and their dead loved one as part of a politicized agenda.

In an AP story from late September, Paradis and D’Avino said they were sick and tired of being lumped together with the other 25 families who lost loved ones in Adam Lanza’s spree-killing rampage. Interestingly, Paradis isn’t a Republican, but an independent who has voted for Democrats and Republicans alike. The family’s outrage at gun-control proponents stems from the proponents’ tactic of consistently exploiting the shooting tragedy as a reason to push for tougher firearms laws without recognizing the actual, different political opinions of the affected families.

Rachel D’Avino, Hannah’s sister, was one of the six school staff members who was murdered by Lanza in the shooting. A behavioral analyst, Rachel worked at the school with autistic kids and their families. The Paradis and D’Avino family, including Rachel, was comprised of avid gun owners who enjoyed hunting as well as target shooting. Their story has not been told by a liberal media complicit with the Democrat Party’s aggressive and exploitative push for tighter gun control, post-Newton.

That’s all changing, though. Paradis and D’Avino want the world to know that they are against tougher gun control and instead want already existing federal gun laws to be enforced. They also opposed Connecticut’s new, tougher, anti-gun law that was passed by a Democrat legislature in April. These facts have been buried by a liberal media eager to correspond with the Democrats’ gun-control message and lump all Newton families together as proponents of gun control.

It turns out that the Paradis and D’Avino family were also victimized by unscrupulous members of the media. That’s why they have stayed silent for so many months after the Newton shooting. They’ve had to endure various members of the media posing as Rachel’s friends in order to gain access to the family to try and score exclusive interviews with them.

The family is so opposed to gun control that it didn’t fly on Air Force One with the president and the remaining Sandy Hook shooting victims on a lobbying trip for harsher gun control. Similarly, while the family did speak with Vice President Joe Biden, they refused to meet with him in person when he traveled to Connecticut to rally gun-control ideologues for tougher firearm laws.

Both Paradis and D’Avino also believe that Rachel would not have supported the president’s gun-control push in the wake of the shooting.


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