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In 1995 when HuntingNet.Com was created, there was no immediate grand plan in mind for all the sites we would develop during the next few years. Now, with over 2,000 hunting-related domain names under the HuntingNet.Com umbrella we’ve decided it’s time yet for another facelift  After all, in the online world you’re either green and growing or brown and dying.

In the coming months you will see a radical change when you type into your browser. We have spent several months working on a fantastic new site design to further unite each of our major domain names. The new look in development has several goals beyond the cosmetic. The new site will load faster; navigation has been made easier; and we are working on offering even greater volumes of information and a higher degree of interactivity in every aspect of our site.

Our goal is always to serve our website visitors first with excellent programming, up-to-date news, interesting articles and much more. These are just a few of the reasons HuntingNet.Com is the most popular hunting site on the Internet today. Please take the time to check out all of the new and updated features now offered on We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can make them better.

HuntingNet.Com is also increasing services and outreach to the hunting industry. We see great opportunities among hunting product manufacturers and outfitters for greater utilization of the Internet. The internet is a low cost and very efficient way to establish a higher degree of brand awareness and loyalty among an already loyal group of customers.

Websites can serve a number of purposes. They can be nothing more than online versions of printed brochures that make product research faster for customers and cheaper for the manufacturer. They can be interactive marketing tools that generate information about customers that can be used for future product development. They can be a way for the industry to stay connected on issues that concern us all, like the fight against anti-hunting. Websites can be a means to move excess inventory, preview upcoming videos, listen to game call demonstrations, etc. The possibilities are indeed limitless and with our new sister organization The Rhino Group, we have the ability to harness every aspect of the Internet’s expanding technologies.

Once again, we’re making a request to you, our HuntingNet.Com our online community, to offer your thoughts and start a internet grass roots movement. When you go to a favorite manufacturer’s website, what do you want to find? How should it look? Does it meet your needs? Should they do more? Anything else you can think of to improve our effectiveness in marketing products and in serving the online audience? We’ll compile the information and do all we can to make the hunting industry aware of the mass quantities of hunters who are online.

At HuntingNet.Com, our goal remains the same:

“To serve our growing online community through superior content and site design, and to serve the industry through site development expertise and online marketing partnerships.”

Good luck hunting this fall.


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